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    2. Paris Hilton's Hair Products

      Paris Hilton Hair Products

      Paris Hilton


      Paris Hilton DreamCatchers - Clip-in Go

      DreamCatchers Clipin GoParis Hilton Clipin-GoSay goodbye to damaging glues, waxes and weaves and say hello to the whole new world of Dream Catchers Clipin-Go Hair Extensions. Beautiful hair is your ultimate accessory and Dream Catchers by Paris Hilton lets anyone create gorgeous looking hair anytime by adding extra volume and length in just minutes with these virtually undetectable extensions.

      View the Clipin-Go section for more information.

      Buy Clipin-Go from any of these reliable online stores:


      The Bandit

      Paris Hilton The Bandit

      The BanditThe Bandit"The Bandit" by Paris Hilton is all about exploring another side of your personality by creating a totally different look that's fast and easy to put together. A classic headband style with hair allows you to create a different look every day. "The Bandit" is made of a new heat resistant fiber, up to 240?F that allows you the flexibility of different styling options. You can use a hair dryer, a blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers or flat iron on low heat. Includes four interchangeable headbands.

      View the The Bandit section for more information.

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      6 Inch

      9 Inch

      22 Inch


      The Celebrity Styler 2009

      Paris Hilton The Celebrity Styler

      Celebrity StylerParis Hilton The Celebrity StylerThe Paris Hilton Celebrity Styler is a unique styling tool with a rotating heated nano ionic ceramic cylinder head that gently glides over the hair smoothing and straightening it. A set of combs on top finishes the hair leaving it silky and shiny. The nano ionic cylinder head features negative ions that when combined with far infrared heat helps to remove static and produces a frizz-free finish.

      View the Celebrity Styler section for more information.

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      Ultimate Brush 2009

      Paris Hilton Ultimate Brush

      Ultimate BrushParis Hilton Ultimate BrushThe Paris Hilton Ultimate Brush lets you achieve the hair style you want quickly and easily! This unique brush allows you to style your hair whether it's wet or dry. Curls, lifts and adds volume without tangling your hair! The vented center allows for maximum drying and quick style setting. The design of the Paris Hilton Ultimate Brush allows you to roll the brush continually through the hair, saving time.

      View the Ultimate Brush section for more information.

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