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    2. Happy Birthday, Paris Hilton!

      By Django

      Happy Birthday, Paris Hilton!
      Of all the women in the world
      Yours is the beauty which is the greatest,
      Inside and out.

      The most inspiring of muses,
      You make your way in the world
      And what world wouldn't gladly
      Roll over at your heel?
      For you make your way
      With kindness and respect,
      Never hurting or setting out to deceive,
      There can be no reasonable unselfish reason
      To hate you at all.

      People don't give you enough credit,
      You don't think you're above everyone,
      You set out to inspire, to achieve,
      Being the party queen that
      The whole world secretly wanted to be,
      It came effortlessly and natural to you,
      You've branded yourself just as
      Effortlessly across the world,
      Never stopping for anyone,
      Never missing an opportunity,
      And all without walking over
      Or hurting anyone,
      That's my kind of girl!

      Your brand, your work
      For me will never fail,
      Because your brand is charm, a warm smile,
      Your brand is sweetness and fun,
      Your brand is enjoying yourself
      And inviting the whole world to join in!

      You make your life an adventure,
      And it proves just as much so,
      For those of us who like to look in
      And look on, to dream.
      You are a Lord Byron
      Or an Oscar Wilde for a modern age,
      Warhol and Warhol girl wrapped in one.

      They can't take away what you
      Have achieved for yourself,
      They can't take away what you
      Give of yourself to others,
      Your perfect image, the perfect dreams,
      A constant beauty that lights up the world
      And cheers those who open up their minds
      And hearts,
      Here's to your life, your success,
      Here's to your happiness eternal,
      Never fade, always glow,
      And ensure that when a drab
      World or heartless people
      Get the rest of us down,
      That we will always have Paris
      To light the way ahead.

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