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    2. Kathy Hilton's My Secret Collection

      Kathy Hilton My Secret Fragrance

      Eau Parfum - Body Lotion - Shower Gel - Ageless Skin Set - Firming Face and Neck Spa Beauty Treatment - Hot Effect Thermal Sculpting Beauty Body Treatment

      In Fall 2007, Paris Hilton's mother, Kathy Hilton, released six type of different beauty products under her own "My Secret" collection. Kathy's collection has been very well-received by customers with many praising reviews.

      My Secret Perfume

      Kathy Hilton - My Secret CollectionElegance. Sophistication. Words synonymous with My Secret by Kathy Hilton, a captivating light, clean, floral fragrance that captures the mysterious secrets of life through a blend of pure, natural ingredients. Perfect for day or night My Secret by Kathy Hilton was inspired by the delicate aromas experienced through her travels around the globe and delicately fusing them together to give you in an intimate and personal scent.

      Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a captivating splash of mandarin, sheer white freesia and delicate peony flower.

      Middle Notes: The heart blooms with a sophisticated bouquet of roses, star jasmine and apricot leaf.

      Base Notes: The dry-down emerges as a soft, sensual medley of sandalwood, vanilla musk and gilded amber.

      Anti-Wrinkle Cream

      Kathy Hilton - My Secret CollectionOne of the most popular products from her My Secret collection is a Purebotanical Anti-Wrinkle cream that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, crow's feet and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. The Anti-Wrinkle Cream also helps ensure a healthy and youthful appearance by making the skin look and feel softer and more vibrant.


      "It's great to get a cream that can be used for face, eyes and neck. I love the texture and smooth application, but best of all it works to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In fact it works as well or better than a super expensive cream (Dr Perricone) that I purchased from another shopping network. I would like to see the Kathy Hilton Anti-Wrinkle Cream offered in larger sizes. As for the perfume, it's in a cute bottle and I will give it to my daughter for Valentine's Day." - Gwen, FL, 1/19/2008, HSN

      Purchase from Kathy Hilton's My Secret Collection

      Please note: My Secret collection is not related to Paris Hilton in any way. These are Kathy Hilton products, supported by Paris Hilton.

      AMAZON - Kathy Hilton

      Paris Hilton My Secret 3.4oz

      My Secret 3.4oz EDP Spray
      - 3.4oz EDP Spray
      In Stock

      Paris Hilton My Secret 1.7oz

      My Secret 1.7oz EDP Spray
      - 1.7oz EDP Spray
      In Stock

      Paris Hilton My Secret Body Lotion 2.0oz

      My Secret Body Lotion 2.0oz
      - 2.0oz Body Lotion
      In Stock

      Paris Hilton My Secret Shower Gel 2.0oz

      My Secret Body Lotion 2.0oz
      - 2.0oz Shower Gel
      In Stock

      Videos About Kathy Hilton's My Secret Collection

      Presentation of My Secret Perfume and Cream Gift Set

      Presentation of Firming Pack Face and Neck Thermal Mask

      Special Thanks

      Transvital (Producer of Kathy Hilton's perfumes)

      Kathy Hilton Fragrance (Official Site of Kathy Hilton's My Secret Collection)

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